Beat the Desk with these 6 Stretches

People have been working from home now for longer than many expected. How has your body been feeling at your home office? Is WFH starting to get to your neck and back? The most common thing we hear these days is “my neck and back have been sorer since working from home”. Two things seem to be happening. One – we are often working at our kitchen table, or coffee table and couch, with less than ideal ergonomic setups. And two – we are sitting longer during the day and taking fewer breaks to stand up and move around. With no meetings to “go-to”, no lunch dates and no walking to and from the transit station or parking lots, we are all moving much less during our workday than normal.

Our physiotherapist, Adam Chin, created a brief, informative handout for you to help break up the monotony of the day with some simple stretches to get you moving through the day. Check it out HERE!

Historically, the terms “repetitive strain injury” and “carpal tunnel syndrome” were very commonplace. But with the advanced understanding of ergonomics, the advent of sit-stand desks, different shaped keyboards and mouse, and realizing the importance of regular movement breaks through the day, we’ve seen less and less of these conditions until recently. Once the Pandemic struck and we were all forced to move from our comfortable office setup to our home workstation, these issues have started to creep back into our world.

Did you know we can do a home-based ergonomic video consult with you? You can show us the setup you have at home and we can suggest changes or adaptations to your workspace to help you with the aches and strains you are feeling. We can also provide a video consult “Telehealth” session with your physiotherapist to assess any aches and pains you may be experiencing and give you some guidance on how to take care of yourself at home. And if you are back in your office again, even part-time, our clinic is open for in-person physiotherapy and massage therapy.