Pilates is for everybody.

The benefits of Pilates are extensive. Used widely in Australia and New Zealand since the mid ’80s for injury rehab, Pilates has become increasingly popular in the last 20 years for North America’s fitness and rehab industries. Here at City Sports + Physio, we offer both fitness-based Pilates taught by a Pilates instructor, as well as Clinical Pilates taught by a physiotherapist.

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Injury recovery and rehab
  • Improved body awareness, postural control and strength
  • Improvement of sports performance for any athlete
  • Recovery from low back pain and other joint or muscular problems
  • Pre- and post-pregnancy fitness
  • And more!

Check out our introductory video about Pilates.

Pilates downtown Vancouver


We offer both Pilates for general health and fitness taught by a Pilates Instructor, as well as Clinical Pilates which is an addition to your physiotherapy treatment.

Clinical Pilates
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Clinical Pilates is a goal-directed, rehabilitation program. It merges the principles of Pilates with the expertise of a Registered Physiotherapist to ensure your program is built to the needs of you, your injury, and your stage of healing. Recognizing that movement dysfunction can result from pathology or injury, and vice versa, the collaboration of physiotherapy with Pilates is a perfect fit to create the best movement patterns.

A Clinical Pilates program will always start with a detailed assessment by one of our pilates-trained Physiotherapists – Shaana or Meredith. All sessions are carried out in our clinic and may incorporate exercises on our clinical reformer, tower, Wunda chair, or mat.

Physiotherapist Instructed Clinical Pilates:


Initial Assessment Clinical Pilates (1 hour): $145

Subsequent Clinical Pilates (55 min): $145

Traditional Pilates
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Taught by our Pilates instructor, Sasha. These one-on-one sessions will teach you to incorporate Pilates into part of your everyday health and wellness routine. These sessions are ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their fitness, strength, mobility, and flexibility. You’ll walk away from your sessions feeling stronger and longer!


Introductory package: 3 sessions for $210 + GST

Regular single session: $100 + GST

Package of 10 sessions:

Pilates Fees

Some extended health plans and/or health spending accounts may cover the cost of Pilates – check yours!

Service Type

Time Required


Clinical Pilates Initial Assessment (with Shaana or Meredith)

1 hour


Clinical Pilates Subsequent Session

55 min


Pilates – 5 session package

55 min

$550 + GST

Pilates – Single Session

55 min

$110 + GST

Pilates – 10 session package

55 min

$1000 + GST

Pilates FAQs

Questions about Pilates? Read below!

What is the difference between Clinical Pilates and Traditional Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is taught by a physiotherapist trained in Pilates OR taught by a pilates instructor under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Both of these options can be billed to your extended health under physiotherapy. It is typically designed to compliment your rehab for your current injury with a focus on the movement dysfunctions that have developed as a result of your injury.

Traditional Pilates is taught by a Pilates Instructor. It is typically for people who are uninjured or nearing the end of their injury rehab and ready to work on their overall strength and mobility.

How should I dress for a pilates session?

It is important to be able to move freely while doing pilates but also important for the instructor to see you moving. Athletic tights, shorts, tank tops, and/or t-shirts are appropriate.

Is Pilates for everyone?

In short answer: Yes!

Have a read of this article from the NY Times!