Carl Petersen

Registered Physiotherapist, BScPT, BPE

Carl is an internationally recognized and sought-after physiotherapist, fitness coach and speaker, especially in the ski and tennis communities. He is regularly found educating physicians, physiotherapists, coaches and athletes around the world on the principles of keeping Fit to Play ™. He has written a number of critically acclaimed books and produced other resources including DVDs. Over his career, Carl has treated, trained and designed programs for numerous athletes including Olympic and National level athletes that have included gold-medalists. In 2007 Carl was the recipient of the Physiotherapy Association of BC “Award of Excellence for Clinical Contribution.”

Carl views each patient as an athlete and follows the current best practices in physiotherapy while treating and training them. His goal is to rehabilitate and motivate them, enabling the return to leisure activities, high-level sport or the workplace. Carl’s treatment philosophy goes above and beyond normal treatment parameters and includes using a combination of manual therapy and modality therapy as well as dynamic exercise techniques to help restore and improve normal joint and tissue mobility. Carl assesses his patients as a whole, identifies abnormal movement patterns along the kinetic chain and highlights intrinsic and extrinsic factors that may be contributing to an injury. He directs and applies specific focused exercises to restore function and improve strength and stability. As well, through educating patients and athletes on his “Rules of Recovery” he helps them to protect against injury.


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