Shaana Burgess

Registered Physiotherapist, BScPT

Reflecting back on her physiotherapy career, Shaana realizes there are two central tenets that have shaped her career path: a passion for MOVEMENT and EDUCATION.  Although the list below is not an exhaustive record of her professional pursuits, these courses and instructors have been influential in forming the foundation for her clinical practice today.

Shanna is passionate about educating clients on optimizing their movement patterns through a combination of hands-on therapy and acupuncture. And more importantly how to appreciate and enjoy one’s mobility. Restoring confidence when exploring meaningful movement patterns is often the goal, whether it be in sports, family life, personal pursuits or a work-related capacity.

Clinical Pilates is a relatively new passion for Shaana.  Treating shoulder and knee injuries has always been a special interest area for her, and the clinical pilates knowledge base now allows her to better integrate a whole-body approach to rehabilitation.  Working with triathletes is always a pleasure given the variety of movement requirements for this dynamic sport.

Shaana finds herself drawn to working in Concussion Management and Vestibular Rehab due to its comprehensive scope involving the entire person, and not just the injury.  Individualized goals can be achieved by using an active listening approach and focussing on patient education to help people better understand the what (and what if’s), when, why and how of movement and their respective injuries.

In her free time, Shaana likes to commit to this lifelong movement journey through travelling, hiking, adventuring in skiing, paddling and cycling near and far with family.  Mobility is not just getting from A to B. If it’s meaningful and with intention, it can be the medicine for creating positive change in our physical and emotional health. The best time for new beginnings is NOW.

  • Queen’s University, Bachelor of Science, Physiotherapy -1998
  • Movement System Impairment Syndrome Lower Quarter (Shirley Sahrmann)- 1998
  • Mckenzie Institute International – Part A, Lumbar Spine – 1998
  • Mulligan Mobilization with Movement – 1999
  • Acupuncture of Canada Foundation Institute – Level 1 Certification – 2003
  • Intermediate Manual Therapy Certificate – 2006
  • Lyn Watson Shoulder Level 1 & 2 – 2010
  • Movement System Impairment Syndromes Upper Quarter (Sahrmann) – 1998, 2021
  • SHIFT Concussion Management Program – 2016
  • Concussion Rehab Works Inc (Shannon McGuire) Level 1- 2019
  • Concussion Rehab Works Inc Level 2 – 2021
  • Calibrate Clinical Pilates – 2019
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation – 2023


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