While I do not like that I need physio, I have grown to love my visits to this clinic. Whatever my challenge, Erica, Joanne and Justin have been there to provide most excellent guidance. Every visit is a joy because it makes me feel better physically and also gives me a plan that I can accomplish on my own, between visits. The plan is always practical and designed just for me. I am given a chance to try the exercises with supervision and following the visits I receive a recap of how to do the various stretches or exercises. Encouragement and trouble-shooting is just an email away. My intense work, with Justin in particular, before and after hip replacement surgery, was the key to my speedy return to pain free movement. Travel is very important to me and in the last few years when my movement was compromised Erica, Joanne and Justin provided guidance that allowed me to enjoy all of my trips. I consider myself very lucky indeed to have such a professionally diverse, competent and caring team to keep me fit to move and as a result enjoy my life.

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