TeleRehab TeleHealth TelePhysio – What is all this??

We are living in some crazy times right now!  COVID 19 has brought about some significant changes in all of our lives.  In the world of healthcare, it has certainly fast-tracked the much talked about, but slowly evolving world of Telehealth.  At City Sports + Physiotherapy Clinic – we do not want your rehab and injury management to have to wait until COVID19 is all over.  We have started offering Telehealth/Telerehab appointments to allow you to connect with your physiotherapist during this time.

What is TeleHealth?

Telehealth is the use of communication technologies to all you and your health care professional to connect when you are unable to do so in person.

What is Tele-Rehabilitation?

Tele-rehabilitation or TeleRehab falls under the umbrella of TeleHealth.  It is the use of communication technologies to allow you and your physiotherapist to connect via video or phone to receive physiotherapy services at a distance when an in-person visit is not possible.

As with any digital communication, and particularly in healthcare, privacy and confidentiality are always key.  We have created a document, through the guidance of our College of Physical Therapists of BC, to help you understand TeleRehab at CSPC.

Find out more information, check out our Services page or click here:  Telerehab information for patients.


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