Tim Fung, MPT

Tim graduated with a Master of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney in Australia.

Tim is passionate about working with his clients to achieve their personal goals, whether it is returning to sport, enhancing sport performance, work, or daily life. He loves working on specific training techniques, geared towards helping others meet their athletic goals.

Tim completed his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University, and started his career in the rehabilitation field at the age of 21 working in multiple rehabilitation facilities. Tim has worked with a variety of patients, from university placements in the intensive care unit, to your everyday weekend sports enthusiast.

Outside of the office, sports and athletics play an important part in Tim’s life – he grew up swimming since the age of five and has played a variety of sports. He ran track and field in high school, and worked as assistant trainer with the Simon Fraser Men’s Varsity Soccer team. He is passionate about triathlon training and building tailored gym programs.

Additionally, Tim has a keen interest in chronic pain management and working with runners. He utilises a multifaceted approach to rehabilitation with a focus on specific tailored exercise programs, hands-on manual therapy techniques, and education. Whether you’re looking for relief from your workday or looking to run your best marathon, Tim has the skills to help you reach your personal goals.


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