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Warm up – even in warm weather!

Most summer time sports such as tennis, soccer, ultimate, and softball require quick movements that pass through many planes of motion and use numerous joints and muscles at the same time. Quick sprints, runs side-to-side, cuts, twists, slides, quick stops and starts are common athletic skills that can be the cause…
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Beach Soccer Fun!

CSPC at the 18th Annual Umbra/Soccerwest Beach Soccer Blast. Fun times were had by all at the beach, teaching, learning and keeping the Beach Soccer Blast injury-free! This past weekend, we were thrilled to take part, once again, in the 18th Annual Umbra/Soccerwest Beach Soccer Blast at Spanish Banks Beach…
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Get Game Ready!

Don’t let pain sneak up on you. Get Fit to Play and avoid injuries! The World Cup run may be over in Brazil but soccer season is far from over. And while the beautiful game plays on, the potential for injury is dancing right alongside the fancy footwork of players…
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