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Be a Better Skier

Do you want to become a better skier? Despite the lack of white fluffy stuff on the mountains this year, you could still be working on becoming a better skier by improving your stability and core strength off the mountain. Inside the latest edition of ProView from the Canadian Ski…
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Exercise Tip of the Season

It’s time to get ready for ski season!  The ski season is fast approaching, which means it is time to get in shape and avoid the potential aches and pains or injuries associated with a new activity. Skiing involves controlling gravity on frozen water requiring strong deceleration strength in the…
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Are you Fit 2 Ski?

  This book is your guide to becoming a fitter, stronger, injury free skier this season.  Inside you will learn everything you need to know about warming up to ski, post-ski recovery tips, injury prevention guidelines and exercises to help you improve your core strength to make you a stronger,…
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