Stability and Balance on the Ski Hill

Become a Better Skier with Rotational Stability & Balance

Do you want better balance and stronger stability when you ski? What does it take to become a better skier or boarder? With an abundance of snow on the mountains this year everyone is hitting the slopes. Doing some mid-week dryland training can significantly add to your on hill enjoyment and protect against injury. As the former full time physiotherapist & fitness coach of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, Carl Petersen, has a unique perspective on what it takes to be a great skier.

His latest article “Developing Rotational Stability & Balance” can be found in the recent edition of ProView from the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance  (direct link to pdf here). This article outlines the importance of a skier’s ability to react to varying terrain and snow conditions. By using multiple planes of movement and our muscular system, it further explains how everything works together as a skier moves down the slope.  It goes on to describe a series of 5 different connected core exercises that focus on stability and balance with rotation. The exercises shown utilize simple physio equipment, making them easy to incorporate into your ski workouts either in the gym or at home.



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