Concussion Management

As concussions have become a growing, nationwide concern, we at City Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic feel strongly about doing our part to help manage these injuries by taking a collective and comprehensive approach for the complete management of a concussion injury: Education, Awareness, Baseline Testing, Physical Testing, Therapeutic Strategies and Return to Play Preparation.

We will work with YOU and your doctor, coach, teachers, employers and other health care practitioners to assist you in your recovery. We will assess and manage each individual as a whole and are committed to developing rehabilitative interventions that are specific to YOU and YOUR injury.

How is our approach different from other treatment programs? We recognize that concussion symptoms can stem from a breakdown in a variety of bodily systems that need to work together in a coordinated manner in order to process and to react to the surrounding environment. Our therapists can assess your cervical spine (neck) to determine if there are issues specific to spinal mobility and stability that may be contributing to your concussion symptoms. In addition, we can assess how well your visual system works with your balance and vestibular systems and its effect on your symptom presentation.

And if necessary, we have access to computerized technology to formally assess your neuro-cognitive abilities (specifically testing visual/verbal memory, visual motor speed and reaction time, etc) and then in turn we can use this technology to monitor progress throughout the course of treatment. Through a variety of screening measures we can determine if referrals to external providers may need to be considered for services such as Optometry, Psychology, and further medical investigation.  All of our therapists who treat concussion have been trained in post-graduate concussion education and treatment.

Here at City Sports & Physiotherapy Clinic we are dedicated to assisting our clients from the elite-level competitor to the recreational athlete to the non-athlete who has sustained a head injury from a motor-vehicle collision or an “ordinary” accident to be able to return to their pre-injury level of activity. Our goal is to provide a high standard of care for ALL of our clients and we are passionate and committed to concussion care and recognize that only through a collective, comprehensive and client-centered approach can we achieve the goal of a safe and expeditious return to being Fit to Play©.

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