Workshops & Courses

We offer workshops on a variety of topics ranging from injury prevention in sport, to office ergonomics. Our most popular workshops are listed below. Please contact us to discuss customizing them for you and your team.

Cycle Smart

Are you new to road cycling? Feeling pain in your low back, shoulders, neck and knees?  You shouldn’t be!  This workshop is structured to educate you on how proper bike fit, cycling form, fitness and flexibility both on and off the bike will result in a more comfortable, injury free cycling career.  You will learn about common overuse related cycling injuries, how to recognize them and what you can do to prevent them. Also included will be a basic discussion about bike fit and a demonstration of stretches you can do on and off the bike. Perfect for the office who may be entering a team of cyclists into one of the many cycling events around town such as the GranFondos or the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Deep Water Running

This class is designed to help you improve your land running technique, provide an alternative form of exercise when injured, and to decrease impact loading on the joints for people who are unable to run or who run a lot and wish to have a lower impact workout.  Deep Water Running can be used as an addition to a regular fitness regime or as a form of cross training to help rest an injured area. Timberly George teaches the class, using video feedback to help you achieve your best possible form while running underwater. This pool-based seminar is held approximately every 6-8 weeks throughout the year. Please contact us for registration, and for more information read our blog post. Next group class: TBA.  Private sessions are available -please contact Timberly 

Fit to Work

Work does not have to be a pain in the neck…or back… or shoulders. The goal of this practical, interactive workshop is to teach participants to recognize office aches, pains, and repetitive strain injuries and be able to counteract the negative effects that sedentary office work has on our bodies. You will learn preventative stretching and strengthening exercises to help you remain pain free at the office, as well as how to ergonomically design your workstation to fit your body and the specific demands of your job in order to help maximize your performance while at work.

Put a Stop to Shoulder Pain

Are you suffering from shoulder pain? Have you taken up a new sport, job, or activity that involves repetitive arm motions, leaving you wondering if your arms are up to the challenge? This session will take a practical, interactive approach to the assessment and treatment of shoulder pain and injuries. Learn specific stretching and strengthening exercises and other valuable self-treatment tips that will allow you to relieve and prevent shoulder pain.

Fit for Golf

Are you Fit For Golf? This practical workshop will highlight the minimum warm up, early season preparation, as well as what to include in your off season training in order to ensure that you play better golf. Common golf injuries will also be discussed. Grab a group of your golfing buddies and we will give you a fun, informative session that will have you swinging pain free!

The Aging Athlete 

Why are injuries more common as you get older? This workshop will discuss common ailments, how to recognize early signs and symptoms of injuries, and ways to prevent injury as you age.