Reduce Your Risk of Injury This Summer

Often in the world of sports and athletics, the summer season brings about ample opportunity to injure oneself. The sun is out, the weather is hot and our inner adventurer wants to get outside and explore. Everything from increased outdoor time, to the copious amount of summer specific sports, such as soccer, beach volleyball, water sports and more, all puts us at a higher risk of injury. Of course, an even greater risk comes with a more physically demanding athletic event, such as the increasingly more popular extreme racing contests and ultra-endurance running events.

As recently featured in an article from The Georgia Straight, the risk of injury when participating in extreme races, such as Tough Mudder and Canadian Death Race, can be diminished with the proper training. Here at City Sports & Physiotherapy Clinic, we are proud to have had Carl Petersen, one of the clinic’s partners, provide his insight on reducing the risk of injury for these challenging races. In the article, Carl makes mention of the number of clients that we see at CSPC with overuse injuries that have been caused by an unpreparedness for an intense, physically demanding event. Specific to the extreme races, we also see many people who injure their shoulders or back, or even come in with something as preventable as a twisted ankle. Determining the specific obstacles and requirements for each particular event is crucial, and Carl and the rest of us at CSPC encourage those interested in participating in these events to train and prepare prior to taking part in any race. Carl specifically suggests that those training for a challenging event should work on the five Ss: stamina (aerobic and anaerobic); strength; speed; skill; and suppleness.

Read the full article from The Georgia Straight – Training is key for Tough Mudder and more for more advice on how to properly train for a running, cycling or obstacle event and reduce your risk of injury. And while you’re there, be sure to vote for us as the “Best Physiotherapist & Massage Therapist” in the “Best of Vancouver 2015 contest” and enter to win a trip to Maui!

Happy training, everyone!


Credit to Little Goblins Press  for this blog post.

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