Pregnancy & Physiotherapy

Relieve pregnancy associated back pain with the help of physiotherapy.

Pregnancy and physiotherapy may not be two things that you have ever associated with each other. However, with over half of pregnant women experiencing back pain during their pregnancy, physiotherapy is a great solution to help ease any discomfort.

Back pain during pregnancy can be the result of a multitude of things, including added stress, the additional weight gain, and/or the change in one’s posture. By assessing the cause of your pain, our team at City Sports & Physiotherapy can determine treatment and exercises that will help you build the strength, flexibility and stabilization needed for a more comfortable pregnancy. Certain exercises may also help improve areas of your body that are directly responsible for the delivery of your baby, which may assist with a shorter and easier labour experience.

Although many people associate physiotherapy with recovery and injury rehabilitation, we advocate, specifically via our Fit to Play Assessment, that physiotherapy is a powerful tool to help prevent pain and/or injury. What this means is that if you are pregnant and have not experienced back pain yet, but fear that you might later in your pregnancy, we can still help! Our programs may also assist with your labour and post-natal experience, as it will help improve areas of your body that are directly responsible for the delivery of your baby. Committing to exercises while pregnant may also assist with your endeavours to shed baby weight after.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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