Meet Jena! An RMT & Oyster connoisseur


Jena is one of the newer members of the City Sports & Physiotherapy Clinic family. A great fit right from the start, Jena has made a wonderful addition to our team, coming to us as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with multiple certifications, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Human Kinetics from UBC.

Passionate about movement and always excited to share her knowledge, Jena loves being able to help her clients discover the benefits of specific movement skills and movement quality in general. Jena’s technique combines her hands-on treatment with movement based assessments, as well as corrective exercise prescription, using a variety of myofascial release techniques.

Aside from loving movement, we think it’s also probably pretty safe to say that Jena really loves oysters!

Read on to learn more about Jena in this month’s Q & A.


  1. What is your primary area of interest within the field of massage therapy?

Movement Quality – hands down!! Whether it’s an athlete trying to adjust technique of a specific movement skill, or a professional who is used to moving repetitively in a limited range, I love breaking movements down into their components, changing the quality of that component and then implementing that component into a better overall movement quality.

  1. Why did you choose this profession?

I’m a very hands-on learner; I have a passion for health, movement and sport, and I love creative problem solving. When you combine those qualities, massage therapy is the obvious choice.

  1. What do you do to keep fit and stay injury-free?

As a total movement geek, I try a lot of different things and play with the movements or exercises to find components to use with my patients in a rehab setting, so I’m constantly experimenting but I don’t have a consistent training schedule. Some of what I’m experimenting with right now is: free diving and the corresponding breathing exercises; Mov Nat, which is natural movement in nature (climbing trees, lifting rocks, balancing on logs, playing, etc.); and my go-to exercises, which cover all movement basics, including the single leg deadlift and Turkish Get Up, both with kettlebells. But I also love golfing, kayaking and paddle boarding!


  1. What is your favourite food/cuisine/dish?


  1. Bag lunch or takeout lunch?

Takeout: Oysters on the half shell from Whole Foods.


  1. Tell us one of your favourite memories or a highlight of working in the massage therapy industry.

That would definitely be when Soccer Canada asked me to be apart of the medical team for the Women’s National Team for a European Camp back in 2013. I spent two weeks learning the ins and outs of teamwork within a high-level sport, and really came to love the team! They really are an inspiring group of women with incredible athleticism, and it was so exciting to watch them on the world’s stage here in our home city during this recent World Cup!!!

  1. What is the most rewarding thing about what you do? What motivates or inspires you to be a great massage therapist?

When my patients learn body awareness and learn to have a high level of movement intelligence, meaning they start to use different exercises but all in line with the treatment and rehab goals that we’ve created together – and then they end up teaching me new exercises!! I really value my patient’s self-efficacy.

  1. What makes City Sports & Physiotherapy Clinic a unique place to work for you?

I’m new to the clinic (as of February 2015), so I have fresh eyes to see how we all work together. There really is a strong interdisciplinary approach in this clinic, utilizing our unique clinical set up to our patient’s advantage, and knowing when another clinician can assist with treatment goals to benefit the patient’s rehabilitation. All the therapists are really passionate about the quality of care for their patients and working in this environment really supports me as a clinician because I value passion for what we do for people. Plus we have a lot of fun!!

  1. What’s your favourite thing about living in greater Vancouver?

Oysters!!! Kidding…I love being in a small city bordered by the ocean because I love ocean sports, camping, fresh sea air, and cool breezes on sunny days. Actually, I’m not kidding about the oysters. 😉

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