Intramuscular Stimulation and muscle pain

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Chronic pain in your muscles can be difficult to pin point and even more difficult to live with. Often, taking medication is not ideal, nor always the most effective solution to dealing with muscle tightness that manifests as pain and poor muscle function. We’ve talked about foam rolling as a solution, however, sometimes muscle pains go a little deeper than what a foam roller can help relieve.

Intramuscular Stimulation, or IMS, is a therapy that targets the deep tissue, muscle pain that is of a neuropathic origin. When tissue has been damaged, the nervous system will respond by contracting the muscle. However, the normal signal from the peripheral nervous system does not arrive to tell the muscle to release. The muscle then will remain in a state of chronic tension and can cause you to feel pain, tenderness, inflammation and poor joint mobility.


IMS can help to release that deep muscle tension and therefore lessen or remove the pain altogether. This technique uses needles, similar to those used for acupuncture and although using similar tools to traditional acupuncture, IMS is quite different. Based on scientific, neurophysiological principles, IMS needles are very thin and are meant to find and target points of tension and diagnose muscle shortening in the deep tissues. The needle is inserted into the tight muscle bands, or trigger points, and causes a reflex response. This reflex response is the affect of the needle “re-starting” the nerve control of the muscle tissue and causes the muscle to relax.

If there is no muscle tightness, chances are you would barely feel a pinch as the needle penetrated your skin. However, if you do have a sensitive and highly tensed muscle, there is a peculiar sensation felt once the needle hits that trigger point. It will feel something like a muscle cramp, or what some describe as a Charlie Horse, as the muscle seizes the needle. Relief follows this momentary, cramp-like sensation as the muscle relaxes, releasing the tension. It can be described as positive pain. That moment of discomfort as the muscle grasps the needle is a necessary step to removing the point of the tension that caused the initial pain. In some cases, IMS has helped to completely relieve people of chronic muscle pain and patients have been pain free for years.

Depending on the severity of your pain and your condition, IMS may not be the treatment you need or you may require several sessions. Our team can help you determine the perfect strategy to finding solutions to your muscle pain. Request an appointment online right now by visiting Book Online.

Stay active, stay healthy and live pain-free!

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