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The World Cup run may be over in Brazil but soccer season is far from over. And while the beautiful game plays on, the potential for injury is dancing right alongside the fancy footwork of players on the field. Like any contact sport, injuries in soccer are all too common. Without the proper conditioning, the soccer field can easily transform into a risky place filled with landmines of potential hurts.

Some of the most common ailments caused by this sport affect the muscles and joints of the knees, ankles and hips. Certain things cannot be avoided, such as incidents during game play. If injuries haven’t occurred following a collision or fall on the field, they can occur from the repetitive physical motion of the game and be difficult to spot until damage has occurred to the tissues and bones. These are the overuse injuries and with a little help, they can be minimized.

So how can overuse injuries be avoided? Overuse injuries occur when an athlete does not take the proper precautions and has not conditioned the body to maintain the level of physical activity required for a full game and schedule of practices. Each individual player has the responsibility to take care of his/her strength, flexibility and muscle balance in order to avoid overloading the tissues of the body. Whether you are playing at the professional level, in college, or as a fun way to incorporate exercise into your schedule, everyone should endeavour to understand the way their bodies function and move, and assess strengths and weaknesses. If you are a coach, learning to spot any clues to a potential injury is key. Focusing on balance, coordination and posture is a great place to start. But some things may require the eye of a physiotherapist to spot!

Physiotherapists are trained to provide a head to toe assessment to help you avoid any overuse injuries. A Fit to Play Assessment will identify any physical weaknesses that could potentially result in an injury. Our sports-based physiotherapists will examine the flexibility, strength, alignment and muscle balance of your body and, based on the results, will formulate an exercise plan to help you avoid injury and succeed in your chosen sport.

It’s never too late to get a Fit to Play Assessment. We want you to get the most out of your season, pain-free! Contact our clinic to book your appointment today and get conditioned to enjoy every minute out on the field. Whether you are looking to avoid injuries or playing with past ones, our therapists strive to keep you Fit to Play!

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