5 Tips for New Runners


Never run before? We’ve got you covered with these 5 key tips! It’s that time of year again. As the sunshine begins to make regular appearances and the air gets warmer, more and more people are taking their workouts to the great outdoors and going for a run. The streets,…
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Don’t let your job cost you!

Bad desk posture

Marathons and sports can all be obvious sources of injuries. With the constant movement and exertion of your muscles, it’s not a wonder that people run into injuries. But what about those times where you find yourself dealing with pain and you can’t figure out what caused it? Let’s paint…
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Back to School Sports

Prevent injuries this September before you get back into your exercise routine! Even if you’re no longer a student, the start of the school year usually initiates the return to routine. Without the interruption of summer travel plans and holidays, work and exercise routines, including club and team sports, start…
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