Warm up – even in warm weather!

Most summer time sports such as tennis, soccer, ultimate, and softball require quick movements that pass through many planes of motion and use numerous joints and muscles at the same time. Quick sprints, runs side-to-side, cuts, twists, slides, quick stops and starts are common athletic skills that can be the cause…
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5 Tips for New Runners


Never run before? We’ve got you covered with these 5 key tips! It’s that time of year again. As the sunshine begins to make regular appearances and the air gets warmer, more and more people are taking their workouts to the great outdoors and going for a run. The streets,…
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Physiotherapy Inspirations

Comrades Marathon: ‘Hard is what makes it great.’ That’s what you’ll read when you look up the Comrades Marathon website. For those who aren’t familiar with this race, it is the largest and longest running ultramarathon in the world which takes place every year in South Africa.  The race is…
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