Beach Soccer Fun!

CSPC at the 18th Annual Umbra/Soccerwest Beach Soccer Blast.

Fun times were had by all at the beach, teaching, learning and keeping the Beach Soccer Blast injury-free!

This past weekend, we were thrilled to take part, once again, in the 18th Annual Umbra/Soccerwest Beach Soccer Blast at Spanish Banks Beach in Vancouver! For the 18th year, City Sports & Physiotherapy Clinic lent its expertise by having physiotherapists on site, providing taping and emergency services for the athletes that participated in the Beach Soccer Blast.

What made the experience even more special and exciting is that not only did CSPC help keep everyone playing safely, our therapists worked closely with students from the University of British Columbia’s Physical Therapy program. Together, our therapists and the UBC Physiotherapy students have provided over 1000 taping jobs for the more than 1500 athletes that have participated annually in the tournament.

UBC students, Justin & Thomas, enjoyed a sunny day on the beach under the supervision of CSPC therapists.

UBC students, Justin & Thomas, enjoyed a sunny day on the beach under the supervision of CSPC therapists.

Prior to the tournament, students were invited to the clinic for a mini course on taping skills and the techniques that they needed for the weekend, taught by our own sport physiotherapist, Timberly George. CSPC provided all the supplies, training and guidance to students. We looked for them to bring their enthusiasm, strong taping hands and time, and they certainly did!

Not only did we assist the athletes in safe game play, the UBC Physiotherapy students were provided with invaluable practical experience, working alongside therapists in the community and learning new skills outside of the classroom. By the end of the weekend and under our supervision, students gained competent skills in taping feet and ankles, and will have been able to get answers to their questions about private physiotherapy practice.

With only a minimal amount donated by the players for tape and services, the money received this past weekend was collected and donated to the local charity, Kidsport, “so all kids can play.”

It was a fun weekend spent at the beach and doing what we love most: sharing our skills and expertise with the future of physiotherapy, taking care of athletes and keeping sports fun and safe!

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