Are you Fit 2 Ski?



This book is your guide to becoming a fitter, stronger, injury free skier this season.  Inside you will learn everything you need to know about warming up to ski, post-ski recovery tips, injury prevention guidelines and exercises to help you improve your core strength to make you a stronger, more stable skier.

About the Author:

Carl Petersen BPE, BScPT.

Carl is a Partner and Director of High Performance Training at City Sports & Physiotherapy Clinics in Vancouver, Canada.  He was the dedicated physiotherapist for Alpine Canada at the Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, Albertville and Lilehammer. Carl has traveled on the World Cup Ski Circuit from 1984-2004 as a Physiotherapist and Fitness Coach and was the Director of Sport Medicine and Science for Alpine Canada. He is a Level 2 Ski Instructor, and a Level 3 Ski Coach.

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